Math For Programming

A math book for the curious.
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Part I: Practical Contextual Math

(Arithmetic, Probability)

Part II: Basics of Math for Programming

(Logic, Functions, Comparisons, Computation, Set Theory, Base Systems)

Part III: Growing and Showing Software with Math

(Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Complexity, Stats, Data Visualization, Calculus, Number Theory)

Part IV: Architectural Sophistication

(Abstract Algebra, Set Theory, Category Theory, Type Theory, Proofs)

Part V: Games

(Probability, Trigonometry, Calulus, Linear Algebra)

Part VI: Machine Learning


Findings, Claims, Conjectures, and Suspicions

Here is some of the information that I discuss and demonstrate in the book. I don't claim these to be original discoveries so much as ones that I feel deserve more engagement relative to tooling concerns which dominate so much of our time.

References & Resources

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(work in progress)

About the author

Evan Burchard is a Web Development Consultant and the author of "Refactoring JavaScript" and "The Web Game Developer’s Cookbook." Offline, he has designed an award-winning kinetic game involving stacking real ice cubes, and periodically picks up his project to walk across the U.S.